Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hands MOVE and Music Matters in Second Life

 I just had to make a little video of my bento hands and head with a new bento AO. I LOVE the natural movements of the hands. SL hands and feet used to be high on my pet peeve list and new avatars will never know of the old block feet and unattractive hands pre-mesh. Now we have beautiful mesh bento body parts and bento movements. I'm so happy. The bento heads are also cool and the AOs for bento range from naturally subtle to downright obnoxious, based on brands, adjustments, and personal preference. Thank you SL for the many happy years and improvements! I am still tweaking my bento head but at least I have it on now. Loving the possibilities!

 In this video I'm wearing my music matters t-shirt. This is in support of a SL benefit to support music education, the first life campaign "Spread Music Now" program. The music matters in SL will hold a 2 day benefit for first life music education for children June 23rd and 24th. You can get your Music Matters t shirt in SL for just 50L each that goes to support the program. What a deal! They can be found in kiosks around the grid, or from AllieKattz Resident, who along with Carol Greenwood, are organizing the SL event filled with lots of SL live music.

Check out the SL Music Matters Facebook page for more information and lineup of over 19 musicians for us in SL here:

and here:

 You can read more about the first life Spread Music Now program on Facebook page here:

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