Thursday, June 29, 2017

Visit LEA1, Love Beach, and Leave a Selfie

Visit LEA1, Love Beach here:
Vaneeesa Blaylock invited me over to this sim area last week to check it out.  I finally made it over and left my Kara Cutout.  It's a fun little self-expression area people can rez a selfie expressing their love. Hurry over because I think it's only up for the week.
 The note card says:
"For the first week of Summer (N. Hemisphere) / Winter (S. Hemisphere) LEA1 is LOVE BEACH!
We love this world.
We love the avatars that share it with us.
Can you think of a world built as much on User Generated Creativity as SL?
We may never experience a place like this again.
I love this world.
I love my friends here.
I love the myriad strangers I’ve encountered here who have given me a flower or played a game.
Join us:
1. Take a selfie
2. Write “I Love You” on it (or anything you like)
3. Come rez a prim @Love Beach @LEA1
4. Put your selfie on your prim
Everyone is welcome
Because we love you."
I feel the same.. so rez I did!

LEA1 Love Beach Selfie Island_003

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