Friday, January 6, 2017

Performance Fees and Venue Revenues, More on This Longstanding Discussion

There has been a resurgence of debate about the cost of sims/venues for paid or tipped live musicians and how to make reimbursement fair in SL.   Years ago a popular performer suggested a 250L covercharge and live music venues vs/ or in addition to the free will tip/donation to musicians, venue owners, and hots.  This never came close to working out, but lately Facebook has been hot with similar discussions and debate.  Some musicians feel they should be paid more or closer to real life wages as they are providing a service. Others do it strictly for the love of music and enjoy whatever is tipped.  Others attempt to make a living off their efforts and cite equipment and other expense. There are also hosts to pay or tip and management groups.  Venue owners have joined in the discussion as they pay high sim tier plus pay the performers and are never really reimbursed for their expenses and effort.  Of course there are many other factors such as gaining popularity and enhanced SL experience, etc.  And there are now management groups also doing business.  Then you toss in the fact that quality designers can make significant income from their efforts and sales of clothes and products, yet explore or art sim owners pay a significant amount yet again get little or nothing in return for their expense, time and efforts.  There are also many others who contribute to SL in many many ways, some of which are making a lot of income for their efforts and some nothing at all. There are also SL residents who are completely unable to afford to pay for anything but might contribute to the SL experience with a good personality and helping make a crowd happy by their presence and added numbers and comments.  So, while many conversations have taken place I've really only recently heard two possibly viable options to even the playing field at least for musicians and live music venues. One was musicians play a venue w/out a tip jar taking only what the venue pays them and all tips then go to the venue and the other is a relatively low cover charge but no additional tipping expected for a specific group of top venues who generally draw crowds while the rest continue as is.  I have no idea how each would work out.  But I am copying a Facebook link, a management group statement for review and consideration, and a poll that is going on asking residents to respond with their thoughts about a few things with only 8 simple quick multiple choice selections.  Please take the time to take this poll.  Thanks

Here is the quick poll

Here is a management group statement for consideration on the subject:

Here is a performer's ideas and reader comments:

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