Sunday, January 29, 2017

Burn 2, Fire Moon!

Burn 2, visit here:
A festival of fire, art and community... in Second Life
Burningman Burning Man BURN2 Burning Life TTITD
Official SL Burn 2 web site here:
Their site states :  "The first New Moon of 2017 will be on the 27th of January, which coincides with teh Chinese New Year on the 28th, bringing in teh Year of the Fire Rooster.  And thuse we arrive at the theme for our next event at BURN2: Fire Moon"

Burn 2
I've taken a few pics and captured some of the schedule of events for Sunday, their last day for this particular episode of their event.   You can also view the schedule and other related info on the web site. I've blogged the SL Burning man events many times so you can use the search to find out more about this SL event with periodic art/community involvement and displays that mimic the RL event in many ways.  They have a great sense of community at these events with lots of music, art, and playfulness, and a bunch of free gifts too as usual.

burn 2 schedule
Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2

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