Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cica Ghost's Burning Opened Today

Visit Cica Ghost's Burning here:

Cica has a new sim, "Burning" that opened today, that's pretty cool, or I mean, hot.  I always love her stuff, and this is no exception.  The sim info. simply states, "Time is the fire in which we burn.
Dr. Soron"

Some helpful hints, turn up sounds to hear the hot fire crackling and bell, click around as there are fun pose spots, visit the store and tip Cica on that landing area, and meander through this scorched ruins of a small Cica style town surrounded by the desolate dry full sim.  Search for small details such as the cat and antennae'd crow. Have fun exploring!

Burning by Cica Ghost_006 Burning by Cica Ghost_020 Burning by Cica Ghost_017 Burning by Cica Ghost_011 Burning by Cica Ghost_003 (more pics on my Flickr if interested)


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