Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Station Sim Closing 9-20--14

Visit here:

This amazing sim will be closing Sept 20th.  Hurry over and get some last exploring and photos.

The Station sim closing

                                                          The Floating City, Sky Level

* Miri's Club, The train depot, Fun House, mechanical bull challenge,  upper walkway electric dance poles, mini porn theater, lower walkways benches and viewing and gear box access to other places
 * The New Orpheum Theater (book for free/movies running otherwise-current "Burlesque")
*The Rube-Goldeberg Sling Shot Ride
*The Skywalk Art Gallery
*Magical Celestial Observatory-have a seat and be whisked away to other worlds
*The Retro room, spin the bottle, dice, dance and more
*Exotic Private Dance Gallery
*Down the Rabbit Hole to Alice's Suite, Dance, explore, etc
*The Guilded Gobbler Air ship and Dark Mirage Observatory and hang out, and flying airship rezzers  landing
*Private Dance Quad
*The showers
*Fun House maze, naughty room
*Private Dance Trolley
*Balloon hangout rooms
                                                        The Dead City Ground Level
*Trains & Trolleys
*The Human Cannon and steampunk bird gliders
*The Dead City Carnival, bumper cars, roller coaster, ferris wheel, carousel, kissing booth, etc.
* Interactive Immersive Theater  upper level & SLictionary Game in lower level
                                 *Strip Poker, Greedy, Mechanical Bull Game Area
                                 *Room for rents, Skywalk Gallery museum, library
                                         *Courthouse suitable for weddings or RP
       *Dead City Gambling hall, free to play slots, roulette, blackjack, dance stage with dances, semi-furnished rooms for rent, The Attic open mic club, trollies
* Sex Ed and detention classroom
*Old Orpheum Theater & private dark viewing room
*The Underwater Aquarium and Dance Area

If interested in acquiring The Station, please contact Sonrisa Seminario

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