Monday, September 1, 2014

Prelude to an Arcade Gacha Event!

Arcade Gacha event is now open through the end of the month.  Official web site and all info. here:

Today, Sept. 1, the latest Arcade Gacha is open and, alas, full as expected.  They have a new area and atm I can see about 67 people in that area according to the map.  So I noticed a close sim on the map that has quite a few people in the nearest corner (29 people in this quarter of the sim atm) and teleported.  They have called it "Gacha waiting area".  Visit here:

Some intelligent entrepreneur rented the quarter sim closest on the map to the Arcade and has set up rental picnic tables for rent for 300L per week for people to set up their left over duplicate gacha wares to sell second hand.  Pretty bright idea.  Meanwhile gacha fans can shop here or stand in the corner trying to be closest to get in next to the full Gacha Arcade. There are also a few play things so it's been a bit of a social visit this morning for me in spite of never getting into Arcade from there.  It actually was fairly entertaining from this spot as the visitors checked out the tables and grumbled about not getting into Arcade and someone who would not fess up or even give info on where they got the product when I asked put word text bubbles out around us.  There were about 10 of us at this spot in the sky at one point and some on the ground and a few out in the water a ways and then people on the land, but I snapped a pic of just a few of us so hopefully you can see the words close enough to read. 

Anyway, good luck getting into Arcade.  It's open for the entire month so I imagine I will get in some time. I have seen some previews of items in the event (check the web site link above) and I'm pretty much wanting some of those sashes with various saying and some other things I've seen, so I must get in.

Arcade Gacha waiting
arcade gacha
Arcade Gacha waiting
(top photo, me and a couple of the many waiting to get in, middle pic, the land near the Arcade we were waiting in, and bottom pic is straight from the web site with a peek at some of the items available at the event, but do check their site for big nice pics and info.)

ADDENDUM... so as the day winds down, my friend and gacha queen, Kathy Nikolaidis, magically gets into Arcade gacha on day one (as usual) and passes me a few key items.  Earlier I had purchased a new dress for myself, so when Kathy sent me a special appropriate sash, I had to make a late day photos to add to this blog post.. thanks Kathy!

gacha_011 gacha.jpg
ADDENDUM ADDENDUM: Then Kathy sent me a avatar from Arcade, and it was a pug lol.. she had on this fox, so I couldn't resist putting my pug on and we took pics... so cute!

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