Thursday, June 5, 2014

Water Water Water, Rain, and Ice: EXPLORE, H220 and TitaNawak

H220 Visit here:
Let it rain! Nuff said... go see it.. it's really good.


TitaNawak at Dreamworld Volcano by Lecia Arado here:

So this is another Titanic type sim in SL, but it's very well done complete with the stern, (or is it bow?) couples pose for photos and enjoyment and a great collection of SL artist pictures used as décor in the beautifully decorated rooms.  It's all set on a sinking angle which adds a different feel to the rooms.  Their profile reads: "TITANAWAK - France Le plus célèbre et élégant des bateaux perdu dans la mer et les  glaces.  Rencontre,aide,romance,art,boutique,jeux...
The most famous and stylish boat lost in the sea ice of a French island.
Meet,help,shop,games,music ...
Have Fun!"
 Thanks for the tip goes to my exploring friend Nicholas Wave. 

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