Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Second Lifers

Second Life is a great place to enjoy a 2nd family and for some it can be a very real family experience, a chosen family that supports each other and enjoys each other's company.  While I personally have never exactly gone so far as to claim a Second Life family, I certainly understand it  as I have some dear long time SL friends.  My RL sister is also in SL and we chat a lot inworld.  Anyway, I could not figure out a way to honor Second Life fathers so decided just to re post a couple of SL things I've come across that people might enjoy.  Happy Father's Day to all the First and Second Life Fathers out there.

father's day cork board
This fun Love Factory cork board is offered for just 10L (great deal)  inworld or on the SL marketplace here:
This looks like a fun item that you can "buy as a gift" for that special dad.

There are also a variety of special father's day cards and small gifts inworld and on the marketplace. Check out this page: for foods, decorations, cards, and even a cute sign someone can hold.  As always SL offers a lot to chose from.

If you are looking for a SL event to attend with dad, you might consider taking him out dancing to some jazz at Phat Cats with a whole dad dedicated to that special SL dad.

father's day event

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