Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Of Gachas and Addicts and Hoarders

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Country%20Club/163/128/3115
Neighboring sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Country%20Club/128/128/25
The Arcade official web site with gacha items, vendors, all info: http://thearcadesl.com/
Gacha Arcade
My friend Kathy Nikolaidis has been hanging out at the Arcade Gacha sim pretty much since it re-opened Sunday June 1 with all new items.  She must have some extreme sorcery magic to get in and out of there at will because no one else can do that. I could not get within 3 sims of the place much less the official designated overflow area the first day.  Even now I can only hope to force my way in most likely bumping someone else out by ramming the invisible sim barrier at oh around 3am.  (mumbles under her breath ~more difficult than Hair Fair~ )  Kathy seems to only surface for air for CFL football games then runs back because she thinks she might have missed something. 

Thus begins another round of Second Life Hoarding cum gambling addiction frenzy cum Arcade Gacha.  Her first night in she bombarded me with a multitude of gifts which I thought was super generous of her only to later find out she was on a mission for all the "rare" items and apparently I was the beneficiary of the overflow of her attempts.  She was gifting me items faster than I could pop them up in my front yard and now it appears my beachy yard has vomited kawaii what with all the adorable little kittens, cats, dragons, gnomes, toys, pretty things, home décor etc etc.  Most of which is unpacked... you know.. the prim issue.
Gacha Arcade
Tonight, day 3, I enter SL after work to this:
"Kathy Nikolaidis: guess where i am :)
Kara Trapdoor: lol gotcha?  game? date with the _____?  wait.. in reverse order .. hows that?
 Kathy Nikolaidis: gacha
Kara Trapdoor: hahahaha
Kara Trapdoor: omg
 Kara Trapdoor: you addict
Kathy Nikolaidis: and pfftt to answers b and c
 Kathy Nikolaidis: tyvm
 Kara Trapdoor: : )
 Kathy Nikolaidis: im almost bored of it lol
 Kara Trapdoor: all else is forgotten for gacha
 Kara Trapdoor: almost ROFL
 Kathy Nikolaidis: indeed
 Kathy Nikolaidis: well making sure i didnt miss anything
 Kathy Nikolaidis: what did you get?
Kara Trapdoor: yes.. be very very sure of that.. cuase you can NOT live w/out that one special thing you might have missed
 Kathy Nikolaidis: indeed
Kara Trapdoor: oh.. everything pretty much that you had not already gotten for me
Kathy Nikolaidis: i need all rare objects here
Kathy Nikolaidis: :)
Kara Trapdoor: naturally
 Kathy Nikolaidis: get the pool?
 Kara Trapdoor: yusss
Kathy Nikolaidis: love it !!
 Kara Trapdoor: say some more funny stuff you gacha girl and I'll just quote our whole conversations in my blog about this LOL
 Kathy Nikolaidis: hahaha
Kathy Nikolaidis: look at my fb pic :)
 Kara Trapdoor: :)
 Kara Trapdoor: oh

Kathy Nikolaidis: did you get the zip line thingee?
Kara Trapdoor: noooo i must run back to gacha.. I MISSED something important .. crap
Kathy Nikolaidis: indeed
 Kathy Nikolaidis: :)
Kathy Nikolaidis: want a tp? lolololol
Kara Trapdoor: yeah.. what the heck
 Kara Trapdoor: I ws just chillaxing in my pool anyway
Kara Trapdoor: tp?
 Kathy Nikolaidis: i tried you gotta go to a neighbouring sim
 Kara Trapdoor: what, again?
Kathy Nikolaidis: then bump your way in
Kara Trapdoor: ok ok
Kathy Nikolaidis: ikr
Kara Trapdoor: I know the routine
Kathy Nikolaidis: its crazzy
 Kathy Nikolaidis: hi 5
Gacha Arcade pool_003
So I'm at the spill over sim trying to bump in and no can do, but she IM's me and says, did you get the zip line? I said no I can't get in, and she passed me a zip line, so I say ok now I can go home satisfied. She said, I'm already at your place and was going to drop some things here but your parcel is full... I'm like WHAT???.. I run home and sure enough I have ONE prim left after all the many gacha items on my yard..... ~sigh~  I debated going up to my like 5 sky platforms to see what I might put away, since I am working on a variety of things but we just decided to take a few pics so I could get this blogged. 
Gacha Arcade

Then I go to check her facebook at this point  LOLZ... 3 out of 3 Yusss!
kathys tree house

After I left she sent me this pic of the tree house.  Dare I try to go back? ~sigh~

The Arcade Gacha has brought new meaning to the term "Second Life Hoarder" .

We are now both broke ... but happy... tp over and enjoy. 

Below is the SL hoarder video, yes again,  .. I'm not affiliated with this video at all but OM it could so be me.  So much for ever ever attempting to clean my inventory and get my count down.

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