Saturday, July 20, 2013

Need A Date?

Visit here:


The auction info. states:

"Nghtfall Relay for Life Date Auction ~ We have a flavor for you!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013 ~ We will get started around 7pm SLT but come out and spend the day! Great music and lots of items up for auction besides the hotties!!

Grab those wallets and purses Ladies and Gentlemen....this is just a peek of what's in store!!!

My good friend Kathy Nikolaidis is going to be one of the dates up for auction, so I know all the guys will want to attend this one to get a evening with the lovely, intelligent, sexy, Kathy.  She's so hot I might even big, o, wait, she's not quite my flavor, plus I can get a date with her any time, cause we buds!   But I'm sure she's a quality date for some guy out there so head on over around 7 SLT.  See ya there."

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