Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Explore Second Life

The Celestial Realm, The Trace, (nature, tons of amazing pose and photo spots) visit here:

The Celestial Realm by Kara 2

The Celestial Realm Collage.jpg by Kara 2

Three Moons Village, (wild colors, poses) visit here:

Three Moons Village.jpg by Kara 2

Caprica, (relaxing, cuddles, nature, fantasy) visit here:

Caprica collage.jpg by Kara 2

Mysterious Wave, The Dark Swamp (strange and fun, updated) Visit here:

The Mysterious Wave Collage.jpg by Kara 2

Inspiration Point (nature, beauty, shopping) Visit here:

Inspiration Point collage.jpg by Kara 2

Hades, seems it's maybe getting a makeover so right now there is cool kayaking for singles, couples, or tinys plus a beach bar and a bit castle type building.  The kayaks are awesome and the seals are totally adorable as you can hug and feed them etc. Visit here:

Untitled by Kara Trapdoor

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