Monday, December 10, 2012

Rose at LEA23-The Arrival

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I found Rose at LEA23, "The Arrival".  The land header states it's still under construction, but seems pretty cool to me already.  There is one HUGE fish and much more larger than life size things and a few life size things to see and play on.  As usual Rose has her bald children, fish, & eyeballs around.  I just took a lot of pics since it looked so interesting and I couldn't find a note card of explanation yet.  So maybe I scooped the place, IDK, but I couldn't resist playing and taking pics... see how awesome it looks?  Check it out .. but maybe wait a day or two so that you don't miss the "finished" product--just don't forget to visit there. I was actually headed to a different LEA exhibit but never made it due to this distracting me so much.  That will have to be for another day. 
LEA23Rose by Kara 2

Untitled by Kara 2

LEA23Rose by Kara 2

LEA23Rose by Kara 2

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  1. wow what a cool place and soo Rose, luv it! Thx for sharing Kara!
    dikke kus