Monday, December 17, 2012

Annual Second Life New Year's Resolutions List For 2013

My annual Second Life New Year's Resolutions List for 2013
resolutions by Kara 2

It's about that time if year again.  If you are interested in my past 2 years of resolutions you can find them here:  and here:  It seems I get earlier and earlier each year with these.  Personally I still like last years best and probably will still work on those too, since of course I never do keep any for more than a few days.  Here we go....

1)  Don't sweat the little things, or the griefers, or beggar bots as it's not worth the frustration or time.

2) Enjoy my inner child, and fairy, and man, and monster, and so forth.

3) Download and use the new Firestorm at all times.

4)  Organize and minimize my inventory (same as every year and never happens) Ok, maybe this should be a honest attempt to get it below 150,000.

5) Remember to wear alpha under my dresses.... last year it was panties.

6)  Stop stalking loved ones and mind my own business.

7) Make a list and remember friends rez and birthdays.

8) Stop chastising myself for being non-productive and just enjoy the down time from a busy RL.

9) Thank people more for visiting my projects and blogs, for without them I'd be talking to and playing with myself  even more often, and we all know there is enough of that going on in SL.

10) Align my eyelashes again, and again, and again... oh, maybe this should actually be to stop changing my shape daily.

11) Stop fussing at LL for making shitty toes and relax and enjoy the amazing pair of bare mesh feet I finally found and love. 

12) Find, join, and attend SL "Hoarders" (see #4 above) and "Crazy moody lady" support groups.

13) Learn something....there is so much for me to learn I won't limit this to what I will learn.

14) Remember some people have a NEED to breed and that is OK for them and their various breedable pets, objects, babies, clothes, etc., and besides it makes a lot of money for someone.

15) Keep an open mind about mesh.

16) Remember to check the "received" box before panicking or curing Marketplace again.

Now, what is YOUR New Year's Resolution?


  1. Love those resolutions! I need to work on the inventory as well:)I will add one to the list, and I'm doing it right now! To make comments on people's blogs, status updates, etc... I hate it when I feel like I'm talking to empty space, so I figure a comment every now and then will help support the bloggers! (BTW someone just recommended your blog to me and I really like it :)) Happy New Year!

  2. Great! Thank you. That IS APPRECIATED. Happy New Year to you too! ; )