Sunday, December 9, 2012

RFL XMas Expo and New Charmed Breedable Fashion

Visi here:
Today I visited the XMas Expo where there is a quaint little winter holiday village (well, actually not so little, it's huge, but it is quaint) filled with shopping as well as select Relay For Life items.

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 It's a good shopping and exploring experience but one of the places I found especially interesting was the Charmed Breedable shop.  These are SHOES YOU CAN BREED to develop into designer shoes, making everyone a designer.  I was initially a bit confused so was provided the following note info. that reads in part  : "Welcome to an enchanted world of fun and fashion of your own creating, enhancing your Second Life experience.  * Happy Creating!  May all of your Fashion Designer Dreams come true! *.......You make your own shoes, as follows:
- Shoes will be delivered to you as a display/breeding image for your shoes' CBF home, along with a starter set of shoe care items.  (All items sold separately, also.)
- You breed/design your shoes in the CBF home until they have the amount of Flair, Style and Color you wish.
- When you're ready to wear a shoe, it will be removed from your closet, and further display/breeding, so that a pair of shoes can be delivered to you to wear, to give as a gift, or to sell.  To transform your design image into a wearable, use the CBF Shoe Design Bag......

...Fashionistas, now is your chance to write your own Fantasy Fairy Tale.  Breed the "Glass Slippers" and see what you get!  A voucher for a Real Life pair of Designer Shoes.  * 300-500 USD value! *  (The designer may choose to trade the Glass Slippers for Real Life Shoes, sell them or wear them as a trophy pair.) "

Ok, just WOW!

They also sell a lot of other things including animated furniture sets.  The store host was wearing a vey nice completed pair of mens dress shoes and I noted the styles varried from mens and ladies formal to casual.  Quite intersting really and it will be fun to see what we will be "breeding" or designing in the future.
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Check out the expo for a good cause then be sure to see the breedable shoes.  What next?

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