Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Roof @ Hydraxis As Lingual Markus Moves Forward

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"Hydraxis, Live Music Venue, The Music Lives Here" At Serenity Shores

Time passes and many things come and go in SL, but there always seems to be a few people, places, and things you can count on and for the past 2.5 years The Roof @ NYC was a dependable Monday, Wednesday, and often additional evening of great musical entertainment brought to us by Lingual Markus.  Ling premiered some great new talent over the years alongside his steady regular musicians that kept The Roof packed.  But now NYC will be closing in 2 days and selling, so The Roof and Ling are moving on.  Ling is looking at this as an opportunity and stated he's all set up at Hydraxis, has had a test/preview night that was successful and will officially be up and running at Hydraxis October 22nd.  He said this is a chance to recreate and the new place has a larger capacity at 77.  There will also be shopping in the mall for those interested. Ling said he's ready to move forward and the lineup planned for the 22nd includes: 8pm Voodoo 9pm Ganjo 10pm Noma so far.  I'm sure his many loyal patrons will be excited with the new place and larger capacity and I look foward to seeing everyone there.
I had to take sneek peek and it's comforting to see much of it is the same:

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