Monday, October 1, 2012

GAFL Haunted Castle Now Open --Party 10-01-12 at 7pm SLT

Visit here:
First let me say.. this is a MUST SEE sim.  Ok, more here:
(photo ad by CindyS Tatham)
(This pic I took while it was still under construction so u can see the sheer size of it.  Cindy took the little pic of me I inserted in the corner)

The press release and inviation to all reads:
"Welcome to the grand opening of GAFL's Haunted Castle
Monday, October 1, 2012 @ Midnight (12:00am slt)
Open Oct 1 - Nov 1, 2012
Location:  GAFL Stadium (128, 140, 29)

Please join us at the grand opening of the GAFL's Haunted Castle.  Gates open at Midnight on October 1, 2012 and that same evening we will have a Halloween Party  from 7-9 PM SL T with DJ Stuart Nightfire. Dress in Halloween costumes  (optional)

The GAFL's Haunted Castle is the LARGEST haunted castle in Second Life. There are so many rooms you will surely get lost (but that's half the fun)  It is full of surprises for everyone, both scary and funny. Very interactive and entertaining. We recommend you touch everything as there may be a scary or funny pose in it.
There is also a Pumpkin Hunt, with plenty of free prizes
-- Fun for everyone A
**This event is sponsored by the Global American Football League
For more information contact Chloee Davi, Sasha Silvershade, Kathy Nikolaidis, Pyper.Dollinger, or Lovis Timeless"

On a more personal note: This is the grand opening of the Global American Football League Haunted Castle which will remain open to November 1st.  I helped my friend Kathy Nikolaidis put this together. I'm very pleased with how it turned out and I'm very excited to be a part of their adventure and hope everyone visits. This 3 plus story sim wide castle is a masterpiece itself  with a major "WOW!" factor.  As a matter of fact I toured this build a couple of months ago with Kathy and during my tour I just kept saying WOW!.  And that was when empty.  Now here at the GAFL castle most of the many (I'd guess about a million) rooms are filled with scary, silly, creepy, scenes, animations, and pose and play spots.   Additionally the yard boasts a full graveyard crypt area that has some secret places, animations and poses.  There is also a pumpkin patch loaded with a hunt and cool freebie prizes.  The paintings in the grand ballroom alone are worth the explore. Don't miss the secret passage to the dungeon, the chapel and many things outside too. I got lost so many times working on it, so if you need a tour let me know because I can usually find my way around now: )

This huge impressive castle itself is a marvel made by Romeu Tomsen & Minerva Loire.  Their note card states in part:
 "This palace was inspired and built  over the footprints of the real life palece in Moszna - Poland. .... this building is huge and exists in real life.   90% of the textures used were Photoshoped with the help of many photos I took in a trip i did to the real palace in 2010. It took us over 2 years to complete a selling version of this palace. This building was supposed to be unique in Second Life. It was located in Anarchy Island for 1 year and half. If you google for Magnolioideae Palace you will see many blogs and artwork pictures made by many people all around the world." (sic)
(ballroom- you can see how tiny Kathy, Chloee and I look in the middle there)

Come join us to explore, learn more about GAFL, and dance in the grand ballroom at the party.  Brought to you by GAFL: Chloee Davi, CEO, Sasha Silvershade, GAFL, C.O.O., Kathy Nikolaidis, GAFL Dir. of Media, Pyper Dollinger, GAFL Cheer Director, Lovis, Timelsess, GAFL Cheer Director, Marlo Edenflower, GAFL Media Assistant, Arwen Clarity GAFL Assistant to CEO,  Rissa Cannoli, C.O.O Assistant, Kara Trapdoor, Castle Decorator

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