Thursday, October 18, 2012


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I finally made it in for some shopping at the "Cinema" event that runs through October 31st.
I was just in the Zodiac sim for some great shopping and Cinema is an associated Hottie Cooterati Experience!

 Cinema is a massive and beautiful, intricately designed multiplex cinema featuring 8 individually themed theaters.  Their note in part states "You’ll be immersed in the movie going experience, and in true Hottie Cooterati style, we will have some fun surprises awaiting you."  We have 80 stores located inside of 7 individual theaters, each of which have created BRAND NEW items. Make sure you visit each theater to find your favorite stores and discover new ones, too, you won't be disappointed!  We also have a very special theater for a new and exciting breedable, Fennux! Make sure you visit our "3D" theater in the center to see these new adorable creatures and pre-order while you're here!..."

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