Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ce n'est pas une peinture by Gracie Kendal at LEA 15

Visit here:
Fall into LEA 15 by Gracie Kendal.   The sign says it's under construction but it was cool to me as is.   At the landing there are free art skins and once you eat the cake and fall into the "Rabbit Hole", you float around in the swirls, colors, and pictures blending in for an enjoyable surreal ride.  I left my clothes on over the art skin, so I'm not completely blended in for the pics... so you can see me, yeah that's it, I left my clothes on so you can see me, 'not cause I'm a prude or anything like that afraid of going totally nude in art skin, no that's not it, I just wanted to be able to see me in my pictures, yeah that's it....... see if you can find me.  Where's Kara?
(The landing)
(Floating in the exhibit)
(The end)

....and if you are wondering about the title of the exhibit.. it means : "This is Not a Painting"

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