Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Hair Fair --Now Open! July 14-July 29th

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Yay!  I made it into the Garden  and Water sims of the hair fair this morning.  But alas I don't have time to scour the entire area and will only have a quick cursory glance for now.  RL calls.  But I'm excited to see all the wonderful hair. There are 4 sims, Garden, Water, Sand, and Flower.  When I landed this morning each of the sims were hosting over 40 people each.  The dots on the map made for a nice green block.  As usual the event is a fund raiser for Wigs for Kids. So I don't have to feel guilty spending tons of Linden on hair because various percentages of the proceeds go to this good cause the same as last year.  It's so exciting to get all the freebie or dollarbie hair offered in almost all of the shops as well as see some new releases and also just to get a chance to see a lot of cool hair and possibly some hair stores, God forbid, that I might not have known about before.  Sorry guys but most of the freebies catered to the women, although I did note a good number for the men as well as unisex freebies around, so it is fun for all even on a budget. 

There was surprisingly little lag considering the number of people around, but then agian I was barefoot with a mesh dress and only a necklace for jewlery that I told myself if there was a lag issue I could alway still take off, but never found the need. I didnt feel too guilty with that necklace either as I strolled past ladies all decked out in bax boots, high hairs with all the fixings and I followed a lady in a HUGE fufu gown with many bows and way high hair for a while who didnt seem to be having a bit of a problem either.

  It's so exciting and overwhelming yet I tried to make my way methodically around so as not to miss things on at least my fist sim visit during this limited morning visit. There was a good amount of mesh hair that was fun to see and I just couldnt go fast enough in my limited time knowing I'd have to leave soon, and really it's something that should be savored anyway.

The fair runs July 14-29th and July 29th is bandana day when you remove your hair to show you care.  Adorkable poses provided cute poses amidts the landscaped decor in the midways etc. I made it through the Garden & Water sims in good time then stood at a sim crossing with others for a bit and even trying to bully my way in at top speed didnt work, so I decided to call it a morning vowing to be back at first opportunity. But before I left I cammed as many stores as my computer would allow into the next sim and while I could see the hair for sale I was not able to pick up freebies or buy from that distance.  So, good luck getting in and enjoy!  It's great as usual : )

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