Friday, May 19, 2017

Mid Atlantic 2017 Jam May 18-21

Visit the official Mid Atlantic Jam web page here:

and the Facebook page here:

**Live stream link (which includes video of various singers when they are not up live)

The Mid Atlantic Jam is in full swing now so use the above links if you want to have a peek at what some of our most loved SL live musicians are doing in real life together on the east coast in Baltimore from May 18-21.  This is a regular happening now with live jam meet-ups for the musicians and fans in different first life locations.  Some of the musicians have been going to them for years and it's become popular even for those who can't attend to view Gwampa's (Bruce) great live feed video and photos and videos and pics other attendees take and post on Facebook.  I love to voyeur in on them and try to figure out whose who by their voices before names are stated.  It looks like a ton of fun and I'm grateful they allow us to enjoy it from our laptops this way too.

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