Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Skate O Rama at The Calas Galahdon Sims Through March

Visit the Skate O Rama at the Calas Galahdon Sims here:

Hurry and visit this fun outdoor roller skating rink on the ever popular Calas Galahdon sims area by Ty and Truck on their EREBOR sim.  They have been featuring live music and tonight I caught Savannah Rain who will also do their closing show in two weeks.  That's right, the rink is only here for 2 more week and will close the end of the month.  It is open only for the month of March.  They have the skates, skating animations, or you can just hang out and enjoy with friends.  It's a huge beautiful rink with plenty of room and Savannah had around 70 visitors for her show tonight. There are cool cars in the parking lot and if you use sim lighting it's pretty romantic but great fun for friends or singles too. Enjoy!.

Calas skate o rama_001 Calas skate o rama_009 Calas skate o rama_005 Calas skate o rama

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