Friday, March 17, 2017

Silver Islands, A 6 Sim Magical Place in Second Life

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It's been a while since I've really been overly excited about a new sim but this 6 sim/region put together by Lola Lionheart (Lolasirena) is so impressive.  I found it on the destination guide and just WOW!  Lola is still working on some of it but I saw huge areas rich in texture and detail, with something for everyone above and under ground and in the water. There are places to vacation, live, rent, or visit with plenty of pose and relax spots.  There are even a lot of caves and tunnels above and below ground level. There is beach, there is nature, there is city. Be sure to get a map hud with info. as there is a whole lot to see and tbh I got lost before I used the map.  There is so much beauty, so much to see and do.  I will simply show some of their note card information for descriptions as Lola says it best herself. Even my photos cant come close to doing this area justice but I hope they will pique your curiosity and you will go for a visit as everyone should see and enjoy this sim.

Silver Islands

Lola's information states: "Silver Islands a place for the individual who see magic wherever they go, who wants to live somewhere that challenges what we believe to be real, and where the norm dares not to travel.":

Highlights include the following main landing points and within each of these are multiple specific venues. As taken in part from their note card of information:
" The Old Town
A village nestled into the mountains. This town features old stone buildings, a local marketplace, seating and dining areas, Harmonia Entertainment Lounge, The Hole in The Wall poetry lounge, and a sophisticated underground tunneling system that takes you to the docks and nearly forgotten bath house.
 The Ruins & Scuba
The first settlers of the islands thought it safe to make home in the deepest cave they could find. Unwittingly settling too close to a shoal of siren (at least thats what the old scrolls found described) the settlement was overran by the fin like humanoids and the treasure reclaimed. Inside the cave the siren left the trademark luring technique of lights to drown their prey. If you follow these lights I suggest you bring scuba gear. - Now above the cave rest a small airfield only dared by the skilled, brave, and crazy pilots.
 The Living Sanctuary Palace | Resort
Here built within the cliffs as an old Moroccan influenced palace now bought and refurbished into the Starlight Paradise resort. Guest to the palace can freely enjoy the spa or plan their destination wedding.
 The Silver Islands Country Club
The more posh residents and visitors of the islands enjoy spending their leisure time at the country club. Here you can dine (by roleplay or alone) at the terrace restaurant, lounge at the pool, play tennis, or enjoy the sand and coral reefs. By boat you can also access an entrance to the ruins.
 SKIN - Bathhouse
SKIN - Silver Islands underground bath house hidden beneath the old town.
Fully equipped with a gym and a hair/nail salon. Everything is clothing required with exception of the bath area where nudity is allowed (and preferred). Come experience a relaxing time in this hidden gem under the old town of Silver Islands.
Vacation Village | Large Groups
This village is suited for large groups looking for a vacation setting. You can book half the village which fits 13 people comfortably or the whole village with 26 people for your vacations!
TONAL Creative
Here we believe in pure imagination and creating compelling, mind altering, and thoroughly exciting products for our clients within Second Life. We take all projects seriously and thrive to create the best finished product possible. Lola Lionheart(lolasirena) created TONAL as a way to express creativity for Second Life Residents through various mediums. Specializing in video production, set design, and public relations we offer you a company who has no limit in what we can work up to create a memorable campaign for you."

Silver Islands Silver Islands Silver Islands Silver Islands Silver Islands Silver Islands Silver Islands Silver Islands ... and these last two were taken underwater: Silver Islands Silver Islands

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