Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging this week.  Besides getting ready for RL holiday events I’ve been working on a little SL book in hopes of passing them out as Christmas presents to my friends list.  So If you are on my list you should get one soon, and if not and you’d like a copy just respond here or IM/drop me a note inworld and hopefully I will see it and pass you one.  If you don’t get one this week, just harass me later or IM if you see me online, but note I will be on vacation for a week Dec. 29-Jan 4.    The books are copy/transfer so can be re-gifted or used as stocking stuffers.   I also hope to get it up on Issue at some point so it might be easier for some to read it there than to rez an intellibook inworld.  I’m not going to provide a “teaser” here because I want to pass them out inworld before blogging anything more about it, but I wanted to get out a huge thank you to a few friends I asked to contribute to the project.  I conceived this book idea about a week ago inspired by a friend, so thanks also for working with me on such short notice!  I realize some of it was very personal for some of you.   Special thanks to: Yohann Emoto, Kathy Nikolaidis, Enigmatic Deir, Aeonix Aeon, Dividini Shostakovich, Sonicity Fitzroy, Rogue Braveheart, and Phi Mayo.  I have such wonderful, generous, and talented friends to be thankful for.  To everyone who ends up with a copy, please take the time to especially review the works of the above people as I believe some of it was done boldly and from the heart and deserves recognition.  The book will additionally include some special landmarks and web links for added enjoyment.  Thanks everyone for being a part of and enhancing my Second Life as well as my First Life and for allowing me to share this project with you in return.  Merry Christmas.

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