Sunday, December 7, 2014

Explore LIght and Dark in Second Life, Never Ending and Gethsemane

I explored a light and a dark place today in Second Life, both very interesting in their own ways.

 First I saw Never Ending visit here:

This cute and fun sim loaded with so many great pose, photography and explore spots is owned by Nasukei, Papillon, Never Ending, Be happy: )   This whimsical winter land is absolutely a must visit.. take my word for it and just go.  I first saw it on Honour Mcmillan's blog and when there also ran into fellow blogger Ziki Questi who was in some pose spots with Finn so I captured them in a shot and Ziki's dark outfit was a nice contrast to the white in a scenic spot.  This is a multi-level explore so be sure to enter teleport doorways, go into the light in the castle, pick up a gift, etc., in other
words, explore well for optimal pleasure  : ) and enjoy.

Then I visited Gethsemane, visit here:
This dark sim I visited today is also very scenic filled with dragons, fantasy creatures, dark seating and photographic spots.  I changed clothes for the occasion and also took a couple of pics here for you to see. Home and Haven to lords of shadows this sim is owned by Abaddon Mortmagus. Ok, so yes, I put myself into the pictures because I was initially going for some fantasy selfies but the sims were both so blog worthy, I am using them here. : )

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