Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meeroos are Coming!

At long last the Meeroos will be group released open beta this Friday with pre-orders available. Check out their blog site if further interested. A friend had the initial closed beta group and I instantly fell in love enough to know I need to have one as a pet when available so I joined the group inworld to be able to get the betas this Friday. They make the most adorable sounds and are unique breedables in that there are games and other things associated with them.

"Open Beta Details:
Open Beta is 100% free if you're a member of the official Meeroos group by 4/15.
These Open Beta Meeroos will run off to the wild at the end of the testing period."



Check out their web site here:http://www.worldofmeeroos.com/node/41 or direct link here: MeeroosHere.


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