Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Village Launch Weekend

(photo by Mustique Sassoon)

The press release read,
"The Village, Second Life's newest hot spot, will be having The Official Launch on Friday April 29th at 1PM SLT. Owned by Mankind Tracer and Kalli Birman, The Village is modeled after Greenwich Village, NYC of the 1970's and will be home to some of the best couture boutiques Second Life has to offer including House of RFyre, Gizza, Paris Metro, Tres Beau, Bliss Couture, Vogue, Blacklace, Mary Jane Shoes.

The Village is also home to the new underground rock venue, "Club Graffiti". It is inspired by one of the most famous clubs in Greenwich Village, CBGB's and the area where the whole punk movement of the 1970's began. Artists such as David Bowie, The Ramones, Blondie, The Talking Heads and many others made their way through CBGB's to begin a new revolution in music.

(Club Owners Mankind Tracer and Kalli Birman-photo by Mustique Sassoon with permissions)

Club Graffiti will host weekly shows by top SL musicians. Mankind Tracer, one of Second Life's most well known live performers and co-owner of The Village, will also perform every Sunday night at 9PM SLT.

The launch will be opened by the popular band The Follow at 1pm slt and will continue at 2pm slt with a performance by Mankind Tracer. It is asked that all attendees remove any attachments and scripted objects prior to arrival to help reduce lag.

The sim will open at 12:30PM SLT to allow time for guests to arrive.

12:30PM SLT - Guest arrival
1:00PM SLT - The Follow performs -
2:00PM SLT - Mankind Tracer performs -

Press Contact: Kalli Birman in SL or via email at"

Mankind Tracer-Graffiti Opening

I was home from work Friday and actually was able to attend the opening at Graffiti with The Follow and Mankind. They had 96 people at peak during the launch events and are now featured in SL's Destination Guide. The area is adorable with great shopping and a central fountain. I went back for the SLurl and Mankind was there so when I inquired as to who the owner is, he advised he and Kalli Birman are owners. I really like the ambiance of Graffiti with the walls lined with graffiti and posters, funky bathrooms and a large stage area with plenty of standing and casual sitting room for all. This is going to be a rocking venue, so be sure to check it out.

Visit here: or direct link here: GraffitiHere.

The Follow-Graffiti Opening

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