Thursday, April 7, 2011

Explore Second Life

I've been finding some cool new and updated explores.

Nordari has been around for a while, but it's updated and it's simply beautiful for pictures. Explore here: or direct link here: NordariHere.

Tableau is a fun sim with beautiful detail, fun shops and also great for taking pics. Check it out here: or direct link here: TableauHere.

Dark Moon
Darkmoon Another amazing place to explore. I wanted to show as much of the sim as possible.. but didn't get all the cool stuff in a shot to do it justice. There are hidden places and pose balls and the landing spot sign provides a helpful notecard. The ground is way more beautiful than this shows, but I had to focus lights on the sky or ground so went with the sky for this shot because of the weird floating plant island thingys. Check this place out.

Roan, owned by my Flickr friend Wildangel, is updated with upper garden type areas and lower water and underwater areas to enjoy. This sim is gorgeous with tons of poses, dances, and things to see and do. Check it out here: ROAN (36, 96, 21)
(I'll have to add the SLurl or direct link later but you can find it with that if you like)Here it is: or direct link here: RoanHere

Cap Estel
Cap Estel has turned Safari so be sure to take the giraffe ride tour then drop into the gorge in the middle to find a super cool area filled with hippos in water and some gorillas by a very cute cafe. Visit here: or direct link here: CapEstelHere.


  1. Quick, add the SLurl to Roan please, I'm blogging this! :)