Sunday, January 22, 2012

Utopia Gowns-Shopping Therapy

Visit Utopia here: or direct link here: UtopiaHere.
Utopia Dresses

'Been a bit melancholy lately so went and broke the bank on 4 Utopia dresses today. I ended up loving them all even more than I hoped I would.
Upper left, right, lower left, right:

-Utopia Frida Glitter Gold
hair:Truth Melinda
(I love that this comes with 3 different top options)

-Utopia JOhana Flame
hair:Analog Dog, Tavern, heat
(Gorgeous dress, also has a optional detatched collar piece I think is adorable)

-Utopia FARAH Ruby
hair: Truth, Andrea cocoa
(This one almost has a medeival look to it)

-Utopia FRIDA Cream
hair:Exile, Hayley brown sugar
(Love this sexy almost sheer gown, comes with bangles)

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