Thursday, January 19, 2012

Miles Eleventhauer Machinima, Art, Music, DJ, and Much More

Youtube link here: or direct link here: MilesYoutubeHere.
This evening I visited 11th Art Gallery featuring Miles Elventhhauer as dj who also unveiled 5 new portraits all sketched on his IPHONE including Elivs Presly, Beyonce, and others! Jazzologist, DJ Miles 11Hour Played 2 hours of the best in Jazz, Classics, & Fusion, John McLaughlin, Billie Holiday, Jan Hammer, Abbey Lincoln & More. The hostess was Valsadie Springvale.
I previously had the privilege of interviewing Miles for a Retropolitan magazine article. During that time Miles was DJing but after his set I spoke with him a bit
about 11thArt. He said it is relatively new having opened
June 23rd, 2011. He said all the art on the walls he created saying,
“The portraits are caricatures I drew with my finger on
my iPhone with an app called ‘Sketchbook Mobile, and the
larger B&W line are older portfolio pieces I did in pen &
ink back in the 80’s”. He added, “I DJ all types of jazz from
all eras, and I love jazz fusion.” He does regular Thursday
night sets, bouncing between here and Black Soul Rhythms
headquarters, the Internet radio station he does his set on,
but moved the radio show to Sundays where he streams from
Nat’s Jazz club 7pm as people who were used to his Thursday
sets asked him to continue them at 11th Art. Miles said he
does a lot in Second Life; is a DJ, performs Keyboards live,
creates machinima, and also co- hosts on TreetTV..Stream
scene. 11thArt has held a nice crowd each time I’ve visited.
Visit here: or direct link here: MilesinSLHere.

Miles is a mulit-talented guy for sure. Check out his videos, art and tunes some time.


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