Sunday, January 15, 2012


LEA is loaded with a lot of new cool stuff.. actually it's almost overwhelming but well worth taking the time to check it all out. Visit here: or direct link here: LEAHere.

A fun place to start is the "Dance of Life" at LEA13 by Nexuno Thespian. The note out front reads: "turns a paper boat,
overwhelmed by the vortex of time.
we ran out of breath
against the continuous movement of the gears of life
dreams, castles in the air
inexorably sinking into the sand of an hourglass
mechanical dancers dance of destiny
around the threads of our lives
and death awaits
in a rotating magnetic
playing a melody out of tune
ticking time passes
, nightingales fly artifacts
and watch the circle closes
a flower blooms at the center of creation
another life and 'ready
to run
, breathe
, to rejoice
, suffer
to dream
and die."
It's very steampunkish and in front of it there is provided a free outfit for the taking.
Another cool explore is the art of Betty Tureaud

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