Friday, January 20, 2012

Grand Opening of The Wrong Side of the Tracks Club Tonight

Visit here: or direc link here: TheWrongSideHere.
I previously recently blogged about the adorable Ruby Island sim that has a wonderful beach/camp area with tons of poses and cool animations and funny signs and things to enjoy with friends, lots of Elvis related things, A 50s area with skating rink, diner and more poses, props and animations to play on, a grung city type area, a couple of clubs and a winter wonderland area. You could spend hours in this place. But tonight the focus is on the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" club grand opening. They are featuring the music of Etta James via dj Loriiii Sheperd. The DJ said "You are on the wrong side, you can't do anythign right on the wrong side, so don't worry about it!" Then the comments about being on the right track and the wrong way etc began. ZsaZsa Adored wore the club owner tag title. The dj is up from 6-8 SLT so there is still time to come enjoy some great blues oldies in an adorable setting. Check it out any time for fun and enjoy all the pose balls and things like the crashed bus out back etc. The Wrong Side of the Tracks is a tribute club so will have events featuring musicians that at times will include video of the musicians playing too. Sounds promising!

Their notecard reads:
"Grand Opening of Wrong Side of the Tracks on Ruby Island!
" If You're Lookin for the Wrong Side you've come to the Right Place!"
Friday Jan 20th 6-8 pm slt featuring DJ Loriiii with all the Rock and Blues you can handle.
A club for the most discerning of folks who have impeccable taste for the lowest of places. The Wrong Side is sure to please the hobo in us all... the less than fortunate, the people your mother told you to stay away from, and all you lazy bums would rather dance in SL than get some fresh air! I f you're reading this you know who you are! Featuring Jazz,Rock ,Blues, R&B with DJs from around the globe.
The party starts Friday 1/20/2012 at 6pm"
The Sim owner is Bryan Jonstone. Check it out.

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