Sunday, January 8, 2012

Four Seasons Plaza Fashion Mall

My good friend, fellow blogger and model, Burly Tigerpaw, showed me the Four Seasons Plaza Fashion Mall today. We met up with one of the owners, Dru Paulino who along with her partner Lam Erin own the Plaza. Check it out here: or direct link here: 4SeasonsPlazaHere.

We met in the beautiful ballroom and Brian and I had a quick dance before exploring the area. The Plaza is known for having some of the best SL designers in an Old world style fashion mall that includes a Jazz Cafe, hosts events & fashion shows with shops for male and females including Paris Metro, UTOPIA, Elisea Carter, Lady Mor,Sartoria, LollipopZ Hair, Couture,Wilson Men,Costumes,SF Design,Glamour Style, GizzA,JayGee,Finesmtih,Sascha Design,Dafne,Danielle,Fellini,Entre Mares,WTG JEWELRY,J&W Jewlery,Vanity Hair,Mina,Indrya Originals,Chichi of London,KK Foods,Alafolie, Morea Style, Azul, ALB Dream Fashion, Adam Edelstein Couture, PRISM, Anubis Style, Vita Boudoir, Diorsis Hair, ALEIDA, ELAN, Similar Italian Shoes, Mohna Lisa Couture, Lady Thera, Siryelle Designs, Danielle, Auro Borealis, Marianela's ARt in Fashion, AMACCI,VANITY HAIR and many more! There are currently over 55 stores in the 2 sim Plaza. They also have regular events and dancing in the ballroom. Brian and I went late at a time that was good for filming video.

I made a short video of just a tiny bit of what they have to offer. My friend Brian is wearing a free tux from Adam Edelstein Couture found in the mall and I'm wearing an Azul dress. Both stores are located in an area near the ballroom. Adam's note on the tux reads in part, "A message from Adam : Adam Edelstein Couture is pleased to announce the opening of a store at the White Rose Fashion Hall & Ballroom at the Four Seasons Plaza. For this special occasion we would like to offer our new group members, for a limited time ONLY, a Free Gift (a free Tux outfit with shoes) Only at this Location! Please take advantage of this opportunity and visit our location, Join our group and grab your free gift here today"

If you haven't visited yet this is a great place to shop, dance and hang out.

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