Thursday, January 26, 2012

Explore Second Life -4 fun places to see

Visit here: or direct link here: TwoFishHere/
Rose had her 5th rez day party and a lot of fun pose and play things are still out for a while. Two Fish is always a fun place to visit anyway. Check it out and dont miss all the little pose things that turn into pose props once on them or the magic doors to other parts of the immersive area.
Two Fish
Two Fish Two Fish
Visit here: or direct link here: OsmoseHere.

This is a very cute place to take pics with lots of pretty pose places, windlight and waters work great here and it's set on a water base, pose props are beautiful and there are some very cute and also some unique hair for sale here as well.
Visit here: or dirct link here: WizardHutHere.

Beautiful natural setting with wonderful poses, cuddles, dancing for couples,beautiful scenery for photographers and plenty of water with a big castle nearby.
Visit Here: or direct link here: ClockworkKingdomHere.

This is an amazing steampunk sim. Fantastic for pics and exploring and home to a nice store with lots of cool gadgits and things. My friend Soni recently shot most of the pics for her SL book, A Steampunk Christmas here... see link:

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