Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day...... Or Not

February 14th is that day of the year most people either love or hate depending on if they are dating someone or are in a relationship or if they are not at all.

Valentines day for blog.jpg by Kara 2
  Here we go again.. I made a Valentines card greeting for my blog friends here.  You are still very welcome to come to my Elysian Fields at Kara's Korner to explore, dance, hang out and it's actually a good place for couples with all the poses and animations.  Kara's favorite sims list is still free in the heart giver loaded with over 80 of my favorite sims to visit catagorized with ratings, whether you can rez,  and direct landmark links for easy teleporting. Stop by to pick one up for free or buy one for 1L on Marketplace in a modify heart giver that might also make a nice gift.   I hope everyone has a very sweet and fun Valentines day.  xoxo KT
Elysian Fields at Kara's Korner here:
Marketplace link here:
       It's as good a day as any to treat friends.  I passed out float away balloons and cards and a few other things to some friends and made this card.  Then a very good friend who knows me well sent me a funny cute card that I had to take a pic of and post here.  I put it along with a pic of me eating some Valentines conversation hearts.  Have a good one!
      Also, don't forget to visit Valentine Town in SL for all kinds of Valentine stuff and fun.
      And last but not least be sure to visit One Billion Rising.. blogged just below and a couple posts back... a must visit event on the 14th.  Direct link to dance area:

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