Thursday, February 9, 2012

LEA11, The Sea of Aley, Nemo's Treasure Hunt

Visit here: or direct link here: LEANemoHere.

I traveled to LEA this time to find the "You Chose" exhibit where you form your own destiny by the travel choices you make that can change on each visit. This exhibit has been been blogged and talked about a lot so I wanted to see for myself and while it was very cool and what I had heard, I cammed around as usual, which is sort of cheating really but as I did so I got distracted like I tend to do in LEA with so many cool exhibits around in one area. (wow, what a run-on sentence, but yeah, I'm leaving it) I popped over to a hobo-like area then settled in a Nemo Treasure hunt. I'd have to recommend this as it's very steampunky and cute and you hop into a tube going underwater to find treasure boxes full of cool free stuff. I mean some fun stuff, not just junk. Anyway.. check it out.

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