Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mesh Avatar Bel-New Horo V3 MESH Avatar

My good friend Belinda Barnes tried out the new mesh avatar. She Flickr'd all the details and when I asked, she told me I can just copy it all here for anyone who might be interested to see.
Bel Mesh & Kara
(Kara (regular) & Bel (Mesh)
(Mesh Bel)

Bel wrote:
Real Toes! (this will please Kara Trapdoor)
Highly Detailed Skin
Poses, Animations and AO's Work Properly
Can use Sculpty and Prim Clothing and Parts
You Can Use Your Own Shape Under the Mesh (you won't look yourself however)

Eyes Don't Blink (creepy)
Limited Clothing Available (some bikini's, flipflops, dresses)
Clothing Are Pattern Repeats with Different Textures
Facial Animations Dont Work (no cute smiles)
No Physics (boob bounce is no more)

Mesh Avatar, 850L
Dress, 199L
Bikini, 189L
Flipflops, 165L
Make-Up, 149L



Kara Trapdoor and I tried for hours to rez details around the face, breasts and er... other areas.

Turns out you MUST to go to the "DEVELOP" menu in your viewer and then go to "RENDER/Full Res Textures". On the older 1.23 Viewers it's ADVANCED/DEBUG/TextureLoadFullRes. BEWARE some computers may not handle this level of rendering and will crash.

I spoke with the maker Horo Kral and he says he will add this information to the avatar instructions.

He also informed me that as the Lindens develop viewers that support mesh facial animation he will add this feature in upcoming versions. He also assures me sexier and more varied clothing will be available soon.

** Shot with Windlight @ [Analu] studio7 using my own "Belinda" shape. Images cropped but un-retouched. MESH Hair by Alice Project.



My opinion at this time is that it's cool to try and see, but personally for daily wear I'll wait a while until it's a little more advanced and there is a bit more variety. Bel likes to try new things and is cutting edge, as am I usually. I have to say I am thrilled with the feet!
Bel has more pics on her Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/belsworld/ or direct link here: BelMeshHere.

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  1. I agree, beautiful details on the feet, hands and even face. My main concern however is - if we'll be bound to stick with non modfiable avatars made by other people we will end up with a game full of clones...To have one custom made would also be hard as it's hard to explain what you want in an avatar. But ty for a great post!