Wednesday, May 25, 2011

International Missing children's Day Events in SL Today

I received this note inworld this morning and since it seems like a good cause and I might want to check it out after work I'm saving it here.
by Morgue McMillan
"Initiative Vermisste Kinder
We are glad to announce the second International Missing Children's Day in SL, coming up on May 25, 2011.

International Missing Children’s Day is a worldwide annual event on May 25 to raise awareness and inform about the issues as well as to provide links for further information and help.

We will celebrate this day in the virtual world of Second Life®
at Garden for Change
Event Schedule
Day Schedule
Time: 9 am to 3 pm slt

Hosts: Anneli Ulrik (German), Morgue McMillan (English)
9:00 am : Welcome and “Anna is Lost”, a true telephone-case
presented by Initiative Vermisste Kinder
10:10 am : poetry readings by
Serene Bechir, Morgue McMillan, Klannex Northmead,
DonJuan Writer, Ixmal Supermarine, Ingeborg Apfelbaum,
Mathoni Zuhrah
visual presentation: Aneli Abeyante
background music: James Corachea
11:10 am : Kinder(v)erziehung
a play by Kulturschaukel/MuenchenSL
12:00 pm : Dance in Light
by junivers Stockholm and Medora Chevalier
1:00 pm : Dance show by Angelina Kitaj
2:00 pm : Brendan Shoreland

Daytime Event will also be broadcast on the web by ITS Media (German SL TV)
ITS Livestream for broadcast
Night Schedule
Time: 5 pm to 9 pm slt

Host: Morgue McMillan, Serene Bechir
5:00 pm : Ballet Pixelle
5:45 pm : (welcome and introductory comments recorded
from morning show or live by Serene Bechir)
6:00 pm : presentation
6:30 pm : poetry by Stosh Quartz, Grail Arnica, Kaikilani, Ryan Cole, Freda Frostbite
7:30 pm : pictures by Aneli Abeyante and music
7:45 pm : information from Ronnie Rhode/Garden for the Missing
8:00 pm : Cypress Rosewood
For more information please contact Anneli Ulrik/Initiative Vermisste Kinder, Serene Bechir or Morgue McMillan. We also have a blog prepared to collect all
information around the event in one place:"

(A pic of my av as a child, Kara, since it's just cute)

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    SECOND LIFE SL - This years theme is "RUNAWAYS". This is a short documentation of the Celebration of the International Missing Children's Day in Second Life at the Garden for Change SIM. (Initiative Vermisste Kinder)